Monday, May 05, 2008

Holy Cannoli!

Has it really been since last fall when I last updated this blog? Yeesh....

In the interim, I have become completely hooked on Ravelry. Which is like crack for knitters, or maybe Meth - it's pretty much a push. I've met some amazing people, like Angry Poodle, Rasch, AllyKat, Barbp and a host of others. And a few asshats/moonbats as well. But that's to be expected.

Speaking of Rasch, here she is, with yours truly, last week at River Colors in Lakewood Ohio.

As I expected, Rasch is super cool, and even brought Mini-Rasch with her, so I got my annual baby fix and walked around the shop, extolling the virtues of fine-quality sock yarn and Noro to her. I'm sure I sounded like Charlie Brown's teacher to her.

A few things I've finished is a sock and hat set for my new little cousin Zipporah in Brooklyn. The socks are the Little Sky pattern from Cat Bordhi, and the hat is a version of the Umbilical cap from the first Stick and Bitch book. Got an email from Casey (that would be her mom) who informed that they are their absolute favorite gift for the Zippster. How can I top that?

Oh yeah, how about a pullover and cardigan? In the works.

Have I mentioned I've got a socks jones that would put Motley Crue's drug habits to shame?

More later - I have a sock to finish!


Blogger Deanna said...

How is Zippy doing?

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