Monday, September 24, 2007

Since I left the tele unit last month, not only have I've been less stressed out (sleeping until 6 or 7am! Whoohoo!), and have been able to get caught up on a bunch of projects, among them:

A helmet liner, pattern courtesy of the folks at Helmetliner

It's knit in 100% wool, so it should help keep someone's noggin warm this winter in Afghanistan, Bosnia or someone else cold. Seeing as displaying this on the kitchen counter really didn't do it justice, I had Squid #2 model it. Her expression pretty much sums up her enthusiasm for my
projects that don't involve knitting some sort of critter:

"Mom, I look like a terrorist"

On the homefront, I finished three squares for an afghan that will be pieced together by the girls at All About Yarn for the WarmUp America! project. I used Ella Rae Amity in a warm and toasty red.Next up are mittens in my favorite Noro Kureyon, another llama in some Cascade that I completely forgot about, and finally that sweater I've been meaning to knit for 2 years!


Blogger Deanna said...

She so does NOT look like a terrorist.

If I ever get comfortable enough with decreases, I'm going to make one of those helmetliners.

10:56 AM  

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