Saturday, November 18, 2006

Even though I'm nearing the end of nursing school, I've still be able to get a few projects started and actually finished. With our upcoming trip to Breckenridge I've been trying to knit mittens, hats and those mitten/hand/arm-warmer-things-without-fingers. So far I've managed to finish these mittens that were my first experience with working with a pattern that didn't go back-and-forth. It's super easy, from Shelly Kang.

I knit these in Noro Kureyon, and felted them - took about 4 trips through the washer, and the next time I'll knit them a size down, but overall I'm very pleased with them. Made a pair for Maddy in another Kureyon color, and she loves them as well, but didn't want them felted. Something about "I don't like that crazy felting stuff" or something...

Another baby, another sweater to knit - this on is for Miss Isabelle, who arrived this past Monday evening! I know this is waaay to big for her now, but Amy said that she's been getting a lot of 'new baby' clothes, and this will be something she can use in a year or two from now. It's from Knitting Pure and Simple.

The pattern number is 9730, and is knit with Plymouth Yarns Encore Colorspun, #7990, which I like since it's girly but not too girly.

I also managed to finish up the ballet sweater for Lainie from Lions Brand yarn, but I didn't use their yarn. Instead I used Plymouth Yarns Alpaca Boucle #19.
I had to buy four more skeins, and ended up using only two of them to finish it, so if you're interested, I have two skeins that I'll sell for $6.15 each.

At the Minnesota State Fair this past summer I picked up a skein of mohair/silk/wool handdyed and spun yarn from a local spinner who sells her yarn under the name of The Cat That Walks On Water. This scarf is a cable pattern made without a cable needle and knitted up very fast - it was my "Wednesday Night at Gymnastics Practice" project for about two weeks.

And finally, this monstrosity of a project. I saw a Rowan pattern book on eBay and bought it, along with the Biggy Print yarn to go with it. My gauge was right on, but this sweater came out HUGE, so its destined to be frogged and made in to a hat, scarf and another pair of mittens.


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Wow! You've turned out a lot of projects-plus going to school. Good for you!

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