Sunday, October 01, 2006


Since school started up again, I've been busy with getting through my last semester, but I have been able to start and finish some quick projects!

Once I get the battery recharged on the digital, I'll post pics of Lainie's ballerina sweater I finished last week. It was a freebie Lion Brand pattern, but I made it out of Plymouth's Alpaca Boucle, since I don't like the yarn that was suggested. It came out just beautifully, and once we get a button to sew on the one side, it will really be finished!

I used almost all of the leftover brown and turquoise yarn from Maddy's wrist warmers to knit up a matching hat - the pattern is from Last MInute Gifts, and has been a great basic pattern - I've made several hats from infant to adult sizes for the Dulaan Project, as well as my family.

Now I'm working on a shawl for my mom's 70th bday, and will finally, finally start knitting a sweater for moi!


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