Thursday, April 23, 2009

It. Just. Is.


It has been brought to my attention by Deanna that I need to update this sorry excuse of a blog. It's been nearly a year.

One whole year.

Let's see, what's happened in that year?

Dad had a stent placed, now he can walk without chest pain. Mortality is rearing its ugly head, whether any of us wants it to or not. Can't beat it back with a stick or copious amounts of garlic. It. Just. Is.

Spent the summer behind the boat, feet strapped to my wakeboard, trying to hit a wake-to-wake. Chickened out every time. The DH? No problems - he's always been better at me in any athletic endeavor. It. Just. Is.

The girls spent their summer doing the same, hanging with friends, starting to unfurl their wings a bit more. The oldest squid has her drivers permit, and is realizing that she doesn't need to necessarily hug the right lane quite so close to the curb. Second season of color guard, with all the sturm und drang that only HS girls can muster. Got on the softball team she's wanted to be on for the past three seasons, finally playing with her peers, not a grade below her. Got a coach who reminds me of some old curmedgeon, his only advice to the girls is "We're here to have fun and maybe win a few games in the process. And kick Crush's ass every time we play those fake popular girls." I love him, can see why most of the girls on his team have played for him since second grade. Squid #2 is now 2" taller than me, and has the bod of an 18 year old with a 13 year old brain. She's doing fast pitch softball every night and loves it. Gave up swimming which is fine w/me - the other parents reminded me of hockey parents, except they smelled like chlorine, rather than pinning their lost opportunities for hockey greatness on their kids.

It. Just. Is.

Still work from home 3x/wk, doing nursey stuff. Don't miss the drive/cost of scrubs/management and staffing BS/union foolishness. Do miss talking to other adults all day though; the dog is wonderful but not much on meaningful discourse. But that's what Crackberrys are for, no?

It. Just. Is.

And my new 'little hobby', writing stories using fictional characters that someone else created, and reading other pieces of work from other writers who also share my 'little hobby'. Found a couple who put the original author to shame. But I love my new 'little hobby', lets me get out a lot of pent up creativeness that I've missed since college, plus get to use the Crackberry every day to discuss my 'little hobby' with someone else who has the same 'little hobby', and who keeps me sane and doesn't think that this is stupid or unreasonable. Who does it for a lot of the same reasons I do.

It. Just. Is.

Oh yeah, Kauai. Went back to Kauai. Learned to breath underwater. Weightless. Unreal. Love it. Breathing underwater, looking up and seeing the wave on the surface, and knowing that I'm part of something so much larger than me, I won't even begin to try to comprehend it, but appreciate that somebody thought enough to create it for me. For my family. For my friends.

It. Just. Is.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Holy Cannoli!

Has it really been since last fall when I last updated this blog? Yeesh....

In the interim, I have become completely hooked on Ravelry. Which is like crack for knitters, or maybe Meth - it's pretty much a push. I've met some amazing people, like Angry Poodle, Rasch, AllyKat, Barbp and a host of others. And a few asshats/moonbats as well. But that's to be expected.

Speaking of Rasch, here she is, with yours truly, last week at River Colors in Lakewood Ohio.

As I expected, Rasch is super cool, and even brought Mini-Rasch with her, so I got my annual baby fix and walked around the shop, extolling the virtues of fine-quality sock yarn and Noro to her. I'm sure I sounded like Charlie Brown's teacher to her.

A few things I've finished is a sock and hat set for my new little cousin Zipporah in Brooklyn. The socks are the Little Sky pattern from Cat Bordhi, and the hat is a version of the Umbilical cap from the first Stick and Bitch book. Got an email from Casey (that would be her mom) who informed that they are their absolute favorite gift for the Zippster. How can I top that?

Oh yeah, how about a pullover and cardigan? In the works.

Have I mentioned I've got a socks jones that would put Motley Crue's drug habits to shame?

More later - I have a sock to finish!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Since I left the tele unit last month, not only have I've been less stressed out (sleeping until 6 or 7am! Whoohoo!), and have been able to get caught up on a bunch of projects, among them:

A helmet liner, pattern courtesy of the folks at Helmetliner

It's knit in 100% wool, so it should help keep someone's noggin warm this winter in Afghanistan, Bosnia or someone else cold. Seeing as displaying this on the kitchen counter really didn't do it justice, I had Squid #2 model it. Her expression pretty much sums up her enthusiasm for my
projects that don't involve knitting some sort of critter:

"Mom, I look like a terrorist"

On the homefront, I finished three squares for an afghan that will be pieced together by the girls at All About Yarn for the WarmUp America! project. I used Ella Rae Amity in a warm and toasty red.Next up are mittens in my favorite Noro Kureyon, another llama in some Cascade that I completely forgot about, and finally that sweater I've been meaning to knit for 2 years!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Since I've been working on the tele unit, I haven't had time I'd have liked to knit. But now that I've left the unit, I'll have that time to catch up on my projects. Lately I've been a sock fool, and am in the process of knitting another pair of socks using Cascade Fixation. Easy pattern and a quick way to make some comfy, stretchy socks.
Unlike the socks I've attempted using Colinette Jitterbug, Found a great pattern on Knitty from Cookie A, Monkey, that I love. Attempted to knit using the Jitterbug, but they looked way too big, so I frogged it and will try again using smaller needles.

In the meantime, I've been revisiting my sewing skills by helping to create flags for the Champlin Park Marching Rebels Color Guard team. Yes, I can sew a straight stitch with the best of them.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Away and Back Again....

I had no idea I hadn't updated this blog since late December; a lot has happened since then - I graduated from nursing school, went to Montana to ride my board for a week and then passed my boards, then I started on the Telemetry unit at Methodist Hospital.

So needless to say, I've been a bit busy...

But I have managed to get some knitting in. Knit yet another baby cardy for Isabelle, made out of 100% cotton, color #221 from Patagonia, used yet another wonderful Knitting Pure and Simple

pattern, #982, the Neck Down model. Didn't take any pictures of it, but it was in shades of blue and green, and just so soft.

I'm finally finishing up the Brenda's Blanket I started months ago, with Berroco Medley yarn I bought almost two years ago! It's perfect for our new couch in the den, which was a long-overdue purchase.

The other project I've been nursing along is a modified burp rag from Mason-Dixon Knitting.
I bought several skeins of cotton yarn, and so far have managed to use most of one to knit the washcloth pattern from the book. Someday, I'll finish it for real!

Finally, we've been a bit busy around the house. I'm sitting here waiting for the carpet guys to show up to install the new carpeting. I personally ripped and hauled out the old stuff yesterday, and was very glad that I spend three or four days a week at Velocity. To celebrate the Overhaulin' of our main floor, I had my toes done today in as close a match as I could to our new orange wall!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Busy Like A Bee

Considering that I was in the midst of finishing up nursing school, I did manage to get a pair of mittens and two scarves completed, just in time for Christmas!

The mittens are knit in Noro Kuryeon, and the pattern is from Annie's Woolens. Had to reknit the right mitten, since they original pair went to school with the oldest, and only one made it home...

I like how the thumbs came out in black and green, which pretty much sums up my gardening abilities - somewhere inbetween the two!

For my parents trip to New Zealand next month I knit them both scarves. My dad's is knit in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky, and the pattern is a double cable one that I picked up at All About Yarn. Looks more complex than it was to knit, and looks so manly!
For my mom, I chose Alpaca with a Twist's Big Baby using a freebie baby cable pattern which doesn't use a cable needle at all! This is the second one I've knit using this pattern, and it came out much better using the chunkier yarn.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Even though I'm nearing the end of nursing school, I've still be able to get a few projects started and actually finished. With our upcoming trip to Breckenridge I've been trying to knit mittens, hats and those mitten/hand/arm-warmer-things-without-fingers. So far I've managed to finish these mittens that were my first experience with working with a pattern that didn't go back-and-forth. It's super easy, from Shelly Kang.

I knit these in Noro Kureyon, and felted them - took about 4 trips through the washer, and the next time I'll knit them a size down, but overall I'm very pleased with them. Made a pair for Maddy in another Kureyon color, and she loves them as well, but didn't want them felted. Something about "I don't like that crazy felting stuff" or something...

Another baby, another sweater to knit - this on is for Miss Isabelle, who arrived this past Monday evening! I know this is waaay to big for her now, but Amy said that she's been getting a lot of 'new baby' clothes, and this will be something she can use in a year or two from now. It's from Knitting Pure and Simple.

The pattern number is 9730, and is knit with Plymouth Yarns Encore Colorspun, #7990, which I like since it's girly but not too girly.

I also managed to finish up the ballet sweater for Lainie from Lions Brand yarn, but I didn't use their yarn. Instead I used Plymouth Yarns Alpaca Boucle #19.
I had to buy four more skeins, and ended up using only two of them to finish it, so if you're interested, I have two skeins that I'll sell for $6.15 each.

At the Minnesota State Fair this past summer I picked up a skein of mohair/silk/wool handdyed and spun yarn from a local spinner who sells her yarn under the name of The Cat That Walks On Water. This scarf is a cable pattern made without a cable needle and knitted up very fast - it was my "Wednesday Night at Gymnastics Practice" project for about two weeks.

And finally, this monstrosity of a project. I saw a Rowan pattern book on eBay and bought it, along with the Biggy Print yarn to go with it. My gauge was right on, but this sweater came out HUGE, so its destined to be frogged and made in to a hat, scarf and another pair of mittens.